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Dr. Josh is pleased to announce his 3-D rejuvenation technique, which uses multiple modalities in conjunction with a fractionated radiofrequency device, called the Endymed 3-Deep system. Using these combined approaches to improve the appearance of the face and neck, Dr. Josh has maximized his non-surgical technique of facial rejuvenation. Keep in mind that not everyone will respond, and reasonable expectations are vital. For some people, a surgical procedure may be more desirable. If that is the case, Dr Josh will gladly refer you to surgical specialists. While many have been happy with the non-surgical approach, this approach may not work for everyone, and results are not guaranteed. However, careful selection of the proper patient, in conjunction with an ever evolving technique and with the advancement in dermal filler products becoming FDA available, has led to some very good results to date. 

The neck area has always been a more difficult place to achieve any degree of non-surgical tightening. Using the Endymed system, with customized settings for each patient, our patient’s satisfaction rate is very high,  six months after the series of procedures are completed. This is an area which can truly take 5-8 years off the appearance in our opinion. Furthermore, there is typically NO downtime with these approaches that would stop you from going to work, working out or attending a party. 

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