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Dr. Joshua Fink Reviews, What Patients Are Saying


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"I have recently reconnected with Dr. Fink to address my poor skin condition due to 6 months chemotherapy and several scars on my body as a result of surgeries. I have known Dr. Fink for about 6 years and he is the only doctor I go back to with any kind of skin issues. He is attentive, compassionate, and thorough, explaining every step of each treatment. He recommended several sessions of various laser treatments, both on my face and body, to bring more light to my skin and to decrease years of sun damage. The laser treatments also helped improved the appearance of my scars. Dr. Fink uses the latest laser technology, often in combination with his skin care product line that is absolutely amazing. The laser treatments brightened the skin on my face, helping the wrinkles to fade. The scars on my body have lightened significantly, almost to the point of being non-detectable. I would have never thought that I will ever look and feel this way again. The results of the treatments are impressive. Dr. Fink has a great personality, smart and an amazing doctor. His assistant, Heather, is also wonderful and has great experience." 

Westchester Mom

“The nursing at Dr. Fink's office, his availability and cost are all exceptional. This is the best place to get any procedure! I highly recommend Dr. Fink and his nurse Jodi. They are the best!”

“I recently met Dr. Joshua Fink. He is well versed in the field of aesthetics. I am in my 40's and have the typical skin that plagues a woman my age - clogged pores, sagging skin and sun damage. I started using his line of skin care and it's amazing!”

“The face wash smells great and is deep cleansing. The stat dermal repair cream is a collagen stimulator that makes my skin feel tingly. I have seen immediate results. My skin is firmer and my complexion is clearer and glowing. I'm so happy I met Dr. Fink and I highly recommend him!”

“Dr. Fink and Jodi are absolutely amazing. They make you extremely comfortable and they take extra good care of you! I have been to other hair removal companies and they don't even compare to Dr Fink's office staff. I highly recommend Dr. Fink and Jodi and all my girlfriends come here as well.”

“Incredibly talented diagnostician. He reminds me of "House", with respect to his brilliant insight, though he has the caring and compassion of Dr. Welby! Dr. Fink also does non-surgical aesthetics, and he did an AMAZING job on me!”

“Dr. Fink does a beautiful and natural job with Botox and fillers. He is always a pleasure to work with. Dr. Fink is always on time, professional and easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor.  I love his nurse, she is always present to lend a hand and keep you calm. Thanks to you both!”

“Dr. Fink and his staff have made each and every visit a pleasant and positive one. I have been going to Dr. Fink for 4 years now and will not go anywhere else even though I live in NYC. The girls are very personable and make my laser experience a breeze. The personal care is beyond anything I've ever experienced - they pick me up from the train station and take time to listen to and address all of my concerns. Go see Dr. Fink - you won't be disappointed!”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Fink’s for over 5 years. He has not only been able to help me slow down the process of aging with an amazing daily non- invasive skin care regimen along with a few yearly treatments of fillers. Dr. Fink is also my Internal Medicine Doctor for many, many, reasons but primarily because the Doctor is ALWAYS IN! He really gives new meaning to bedside manner.”

“His office is NOT a medical spa, and his philosophy has always been to invest in the people and the technology and not the frivolity of a “medspa”. Furthermore, Dr. Fink’s office does not offer technologies that he personally feels don’t work, or that work well enough to justify a client spending money on them.”

“There are many reasons to go see Josh Fink - if it’s a difficult case that seems to have eluded a diagnosis, or you want to know what medical breakthroughs may apply to your case, or you seek a trusting hand to do your Botox, filler or laser procedure, than his office is the place for you.”

“Dr. Fink - thanks for allowing me to boast about you and your practice and I will see you next week for my Kiss & Tell Party. If you don’t know about these parties ask Josh or his staff - I promise you and your friends will have a blast and come out looking Kissable!”

"I was lucky to meet Dr. Fink at the recommendation of a friend who works in the medical/cosmetic field and I am the living proof that his rare combination of professional competence, patience and friendliness gives good results. My specific problem is a persistent and bothersome mild to moderate acne on my face that lasted since my teenage years and throughout my adult life.

Dr. Fink soon proved to be very knowledgeable in his treatment plans. When all other doctors more or less let me down he came through with a very responsive treatment. I admired his tenacity and I could tell that he sincerely wanted to succeed in making my skin healthy. He really cared and I believe that this is what made all the difference. To him I was not just another patient, but a real person who’s everyday life is disturbed by the acne on both a personal and a professional level. Needless to say, nothing compares to the confidence that a clear beautiful skin gives you. Acne might seem like a small issue compared to other health problems but everyone who has acne knows the impact it has on your life. If I only think at all the social meetings I canceled because I felt that a giant pimple in the middle of my forehead makes me look like an unicorn, or the client meetings at the gallery when I purposely dimmed the light so nobody could see the flacking and bumps on my skin that I was desperately trying to hide under a thick layer of makeup...

Dr. Fink patiently listened to all my stories about other doctors I’ve seen and all the failed treatments I ever tried. I’ve honestly tried everything over the last ten years, every medication, home remedy or cosmetic treatment available out there. Dr. Fink paid attention all everything I said, took notes, took into account my failed treatments so far, thoroughly analyzed the situation and designed a treatment plan that both fit my life style and actually worked. Since acne is a complex problem so was the treatment. It involved topical medication, oral medication and a monthly session of laser treatments, blue-light and microdermabrasion. After four sessions I clearly have less breakouts and my skin texture and pores are visibly improved. The treatment works and the reason it works is Dr. Fink’s dedication to making my skin better.

Thank you with all my heart, Dr. Fink!"

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