Laser Acne Treatments
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|Laser Acne Treatments|

Laser acne treatments in Westchester have come a long way. Proudly offering one of the most trusted and advanced lasers, Dr. Fink performs laser acne treatment in his Westchester office using the Palomar Icon Fractionated Resurfacing system, combined with medical microdermabrasion, Intense Pulsed Light and Blue and Red Acne light systems. . Unlike traditional lasers, our laser system uses fractionated technology, meaning it leaves certain portions of the skin untouched during treatment. This method of laser acne reduction not only reduces downtime, it promotes an active anti-inflammatory state that aids in the healing of the acne. Some patients will also need a combination of topical products during their treatment sessions.  Josh Fink MD will review certain dietary changes that may aid in your quest for perfect skin. 

Treating acne with lasers gives patients the reassurance and relief they often spend years searching for. A laser acne treatment restores the confidence in those struggling with acne resistant to traditional acne reduction treatments. Often, a series of treatments is needed. Untreated acne, or difficult to control acne, can often result in acne scars. Sometimes, these scars can be treated and generally improved with our fractionated laser system.

Discover the laser acne treatments we offer, including laser acne reduction and laser acne scar reduction.

Laser Acne Treatment Laser Acne Scar Reduction