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Voluma, Laser Hair Removal, & More At the Office of Dr. Josh Fink


At the office of Dr. Josh Fink, we believe in accentuating beauty with laser precision. Every one of us holds a unique splendor that begins with not only how we feel on the inside, but how we too, look on the outside. Super-models flaunt flawless skin, often times skin that looks too perfect. But is there such a thing as skin that looks too faultless, too glowing, too youthful? We think no, in fact, beautiful skin often indicates good health and youth. Every aspect of your skin from the tone, texture, and tightness indicates an outward look that affects your confidence and helps others guess your age. With the advances in laser technology however, fooling others into guessing your real age has become easier than ever. Even more important, re-discovering a confident, more youthful appearance with less and minimally invasive techniques that are long lasting sit at our fingertips.

Specializing in the most advanced skin conditions, our sophisticated laser skin care treatments, include:


Beautiful skin begins at the office of Dr. Josh Fink. In addition to tightening and perfecting the most common skin concerns, we also offer cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers, for an overall look of youth and radiance, including::


We understand that every individual has different lifestyle choices and we will work with you to develop a plan that both corrects and maintains years of past damage. Additionally, our dedicated laser specialist, Dr. Josh Fink will personally call and schedule your appointment to ensure your needs are understood and consistently met.

Learn more about our subtle laser skin care options and take the first step towards clearer, youthful, and more beautiful looking skin today! We welcome any questions you may have about any of our laser treatments or dermal fillers. Call our office at 914-393-4127 or request your appointment online today. We look forward to meeting you!