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One of the most trusted and busiest centers for laser hair removal in Westchester NY, our office continues to prove why we are patients’ go-to choice for laser hair removal - more accurately described as laser hair reduction.. Dr. Fink and our team perform several hundred laser procedures each year and can thoroughly explain both the benefits and risks of laser hair removal in Westchester NY. Laser hair removal, sometimes referred to as permanent hair reduction, is an ideal choice for both men and women who want to get rid of unwanted hairs on nearly any part of the body. Laser hair removal is often the preferred method of hair removal because it is safe, effective, and more permanent than any other hair removal method, such as waxing, plucking, threading or shaving. We use the Palomar Vectus Laser for our laser hair removal.  The Palomar Vectus is FDA-approved, highly efficient, and causes little or no downtime.  Typically, after 6 sessions, maximal results have been achieved. Using a highly efficient system of laser delivery, that is safe for all skin types, our system combines the advanced safety feature of the “Skintel” skin reader with “photon recycling” technology. This combined approach translates to a safer and more effective laser session for our clients. We have seen the Palomar Vectus system succeed where other lasers have failed.

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Important Laser Hair Removal Guidelines

The following guidelines are meant to help maximize your results and comfort.

  1. Timing: Treatments are typically scheduled 4-8 weeks apart and it is vital that you stay on schedule with your treatments. Timing is important because the laser synchronizes the growth cycles and only works on hairs that are in the growth phase. If patients let too much time lapse between appointments, results will not be as desirable.
  2. Tanning: Do not tan. Tanning of any type changes the laser settings and is the most common cause of blistering after laser hair removal. Do not use self-tanners one to two weeks before a treatment. We will not utilize the laser on anyone that is tan and therefore at risk of burning.
  3. Hair Removal: No plucking, waxing, electrolysis, bleaching or depilatories should be performed between treatments. Shaving is fine anytime between treatments. Avoid the use of home-based laser hair removal systems. It will increase the risk of complications when treated by a more powerful system.
  4. No Makeup/Lotion: Makeup, lotions and deodorant should be removed prior to treatment. We can do this prior to treatment in the office.
  5. No waxing during laser hair removal. This will increase the chance of a burn.
  6. Talk to Us: Certain creams, supplements and medications can interfere with laser treatments – it is very important that you let us know what you are using! Even “all organic” creams may present a problem and increase your chance of getting a burn. Ask us which creams are safe to use.
  7. Shave:  Shave the desired area the day before the treatment.