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Blood Vessel Reduction Westchester, Decreased Redness

|Blood Vessel Reduction|

Enlarged blood vessels usually appear as fine lines and can make the skin appear reddish.  The Vein Gogh blood vessel reduction system is for the small red vessels on the face that are often associated with sun damage, as well as rosacea, especially those present of the sides of the nose, cheeks and chin. These vessels may come back, and sometimes maintenance sessions are needed.

Blood vessel reduction can be used to:

  • Help treat rosacea when combined with Intense Pulsed light and topical creams 
  • Reduce the appearance of Telangiectases
  • Minimize enlarged vessels due to sun or wind damage

Benefits of blood vessel reduction:

  • Decreased redness
  • Healthier looking skin
  • Excellent option for those with sensitive skin

What should I expect with blood vessel reduction in Westchester?

Vein Gogh blood vessel reduction is relatively painless and only takes a few minutes. Improvement from blood vessel reduction is immediate. We will often combine this procedure with a series of Intense Pulsed Light sessions, as well as proper skin care to reduce the overall redness of the skin.

How can I learn more about blood vessel reduction in Westchester?

Dr. Fink and our staff will be happy to meet with you to discuss Vein Gogh blood vessel reduction in Westchester. Contact our office at 914-393-4127, or request your appointment online today for a personalized consultation with Dr. Fink.